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Warranty Claims

Please upload images and documents to the form first, then fill out the written information. If the page is left open for extended periods of time, the page will need to be refreshed in order to accept the uploading of files. Refreshing the page will clear all previous information, so please upload files first to avoid this.

Please fill out the form to the best of your ability. Provide as much detail as possible, as this is used to improve our products in the future. Certain information on the form is required and will be marked with an red asterisk. If the incorrect information is uploaded or if required information is left out, your claim may be denied or take longer to process.

When uploading your receipt or proof of purchase, this must show the retailer it was purchased from, order number, order date and price paid. If purchased second hand, from a liquidator or an unauthorized reseller, it will not be covered under warranty. If you have trouble uploading your receipt, please reach out to our California based Customer Service team and we would be happy to assist you!

Trolling Motors: The Serial Number is engraved into the side of the transom bracket where the holes for the tilting mechanism are located. The number will begin with "50...".