Magnetic Kill Switch

Sale price$15.00

Magnetic Kill Switch available for
Osapian D Osapian DB Series
Protruar B Series Protruar H Series
Protruar 2.0 / 12V Protruar 3.0 / 12V Protruar 3.0 / 24V
Protruar 4.0 / 24V Protruar 5.0 / 24V Protruar 6.0 / 24V

Product specification

So quiet, the fish will never hear you coming

Haswing Trolling Motors

Our bow mount trolling motors are designed to help guide serious fisherman out on the waters with ease. From wireless hand remotes, wired foot pedals, to advanced GPS navigation systems, Haswing motors will be your friend to keep you on track and moving anywhere you need to go.

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