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The Protruar is equipped with a brushless 3.0/24V motor and is excellent for the propulsion of a wide range of boats and waterways. This powerful motor is equipped with step-less adjustable speed control and a safety lanyard. 

The motor can easily be tilted in and out of the water and the trim height is adjustable by way of a quick lock, so you can motor in virtually any water. 

The Protruar model also features an LED battery level indicator. Suitable for both salt and fresh water. 

LENGTH: 35.4 Inch
COLOR: Black

Product specification

So quiet, the fish will never hear you coming

Haswing Trolling Motors

Our bow mount trolling motors are designed to help guide serious fisherman out on the waters with ease. From wireless hand remotes, wired foot pedals, to advanced GPS navigation systems, Haswing motors will be your friend to keep you on track and moving anywhere you need to go.

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